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In their earliest uses, the Chinese characters yin and yang were two distinct symbols. These characters, inscribed on oracle bones for ceremonial purposes as early as the 14th century BC, described the movement of the sun as observed by the peasants who worked the fields. Yin referred to the darkness at night; yang,to the presence of sunlight during the day. This pattern dictated their daily routine: work began when the sun rose overhead and rest was restored when darkness filled the sky. Yin and yang carried no more symbolic meaning than the words “sunny,” “partly cloudy,” or “foggy” that we use to describe weather today.


It was not for another couple centuries that written records began to depict yin and yang in tandem. In the Book of Songs (诗经), the oldest collection of Chinese poetry, the poet explains that a viewer of a hill will see both its sunny and shady sides at the same time: “Viewing the scenery at a hill, looking for yin yang.” From then on, philosophers and scholars slowly and meticulously began to craft a more profound and eloquent interpretation of the yin yang pair that centred on the interdependence of opposing forces, the harmonious balance among life’s natural energy flows. These are interpretations we are familiar with today.


In many ways, the very gradual and methodical evolution of this simple pair of characters is an apt metaphor for the journey of AB Scale Models and its two founders, Ming Yang and Sharon Xie. From humble beginnings in a forgotten basement on Mainland Street, the family business has grown into a thriving enterprise at 5th Avenue and Ontario Street that draws Vancouver’s most renowned architects, developers, marketing teams, and engineers. And at the heart of this hub is the husband-and-wife team of Ming and Sharon, a pair that complements each other and keeps the clockwork moving, like sunrise and sunset.


For three decades, AB Scale Models has been a faithful witness to the highs and lows of Vancouver’s rapid development and a steadfast friend to the smallest and largest partners in the real estate business. Our story is a tribute to the countless friends and supporters that AB Scale has made along the way. And for these enduring relationships, we will remain forever grateful.

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